Tuesday, January 27, 2015

5 (Austrian) German words the English language really needs

At my workplace, everyone communicates in English. Even the few German speakers and those who understand German really well speak English with each other. Most of the blogs and other media I read are English too. And as you very likely have noticed, I also blog exclusively in English nowadays - mainly because I am just too lazy to translate everything, and since I spend most of my day "thinking" in English, when I want to write something down it usually comes to my mind in English first as well.

But once in a while I come across a situation where I would really like to say something, and I realize that I just can't express it. I appreciate the English language for its variety of beautiful and flowery words and how long and elaborate sentences sound much more fluid than in German. For example, I find romantic vocabulary in German horrendous, it sounds contrived at best and just corny at worst. In English however, I can even appreciate romantic poetry - which is also one of the reasons why I prefer music with English lyrics over German ones anytime, even if the song itself is something I could in principle like.

But some German words just have no proper equivalent in the English language. And Austrian German again is a little bit different from "German" German, so again, we have some more words that have no proper German equivalent at all!

I know that some of my readers don't know any German, so perhaps you will find this entertaining. I will leave out all the hilarious swearwords that we (especially in Austria) throw around for now, mainly because I don't use them so I don't miss them a lot, but perhaps I will do a separate entry where I will introduce you to the wonderful world of German swearing?
So, anyway, here is my list of five words that I would sometimes desperately need when communicating in English, therefore I pledge for their incorporation into the English language!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"Why do you have such big eyes?"

Helloo~ readers.

You might have noticed that I do not really post very regularly anymore. Well, the thing is, I rarely have anything to write about since I am super busy with my work and exams. I really wish I had more time for fun things in my life at the moment, but usually when I get home I am totally drained and exhausted. Honestly, I didn't even have time or energy to keep this place clean and tidy and it feels like I would need an entire week simply to catch up on sleep and get this mess in order.... I guess if I do a PhD after my Master's degree, this will only get worse?

There was exactly one fun event I attended - pretty much since Christmas, or at least my last blog entry. A friend from the local Lolita community celebrated her birthday and fortunately, my boyfriend had a day off last week end so we could both go!

The party was actually a theme party - it's carnival season here right now, so the idea was to dress up as something Fantasy- or SciFi (or fairytile and such) related. At first I wanted to dress up as white rabbit and Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland together with my boyfriend, but the lenses I wanted to wear didn't arrive, so I came up with an alternative, and we went as Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf :D Unfortunately I don't have any photos of my outfit :< But it was a kind of Gothic version, I wore a black dress and fishnet stockings. The hood was part of an old costume I wore when I was 13 or so - back then I was also dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood so I just customized it a little bit. For my boyfriend, I made fluffy ears and a tail, unfortunately they ended up a bit too big so many people didn't recognize the costume to be a wolf unless they saw us next to each other and realized the connection XD

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Picture my Day #17: The most exciting PmdD you have ever seen!

Wheee! Yesterday was "Picture my Day"-Day once again, we're at #17 now, wow! 

(Here are the entries to my previous participations:16, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8 and 7 )
This time it was organized by Karina and I almost forgot about it, if it hadn't been for a little reminder on facebook.... I didn't post any updates during the day and honestly, I was surprised that I even ended up taking so many pictures during the day to fill this entry...

Well, my day was absolutely and utterly unexciting. I had planned to got to work but I have a huge exam on Wednesday and since I wasn't sure if my boss would be there and have time for a quick trouble shooting (my experiments keep not working and it's starting to frustrate me quite a bit) I decided to take a day off to study instead. So, here is my PmdD #17!

 I was up waaaay past midnight because I didn't feel tired at all.... my sleeping pattern is messed up. So I thought I might as well help out my guild for the Highmaul raid and some achievements afterwards.....

Because I didn't wear anything nice on the actual PmdD here's my outfit from before I went to bed XD

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Byebye 2014!

Woah, I feel like this year passed faster than ever!
I guess it's a sign of growing old when you feel that year after year is rushing by, and it makes a little bit sad ^^"

But on the other hand, such a blog entry is the perfect opportunity to think back of all the things that happened in the past year and to recognize that after all, it was a year full of change and positive achievements!

I will once again review my year using the questions from the previous entries I did (2013, 2012, 2011 and 2012. Holy shit, that means in 2015 will be my blog's 5th "birthday"!)

 As for today or rather tonight, I will spend New Year's Eve alone at home because my boyfriend has to work - a convenient excuse to leave work ealier myself because he needed the car. I feel like a very dedicated scientist at the moment, spending every day at the lab, even tomorrow and on Friday I will work, haha! But this is the great thing about my job, I love what I do so much that even after everything failed repeatedly, I love to go to work, even on holidays, to try again and do a good job! But let's look at 2014 in a bit more detail....

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Wings & Hearts

Hello guys!

After two very boring holidays I feel like I wasted most of my free time not really doing anything. Today my boyfriend and me went shopping to buy some of the stuff we actually had planned to buy before Christmas, not just for us but also some presents for relatives we're only about to see next week etc. So I used the opportunity to wear some make up!

I'm wearing the raven pendant I got from my boyfriend ♥

Back in 2006 when I met my boyfriend I was this little wannabe Gothic-girlie with a really messed up style, and over the years I dabbled into so many different styles, but never really got quite "into" anything completely. I guess I just don't have the dedication to a single style to put all my money into it. So even now, I'm just wearing whatever I feel fits the occasion. When we meet my family, I mostly go for more cute and dolly styles like Gyaru inspired or toned down casual Lolita. I feel like the pink hair thing was already shocking enough for everyone and they don't need to think I'm still sacrificing goats in ma darkened room or something like that. I'd rather frequently be compared to  that Anastasuya Shpagina girl and called "manga girl" in a joking manner.

So, to sum it up, I (and my boyfriend thinks so too, haha) feel like this goth-like style is something that I've been kinda neglecting lately. Though I often wear various band or festival shirts and such at work I don't get all dressed up, I wear no make up or jewelry for work, and yeah, I kinda missed it! It was fun to try this once again.